WG 3 - Materials

Footwear materials are passive in the main and can offer a limited range of functionality. Footwear technologies need to be more sustainable in the long term. To offer more effective solutions and therefore be competitive, the footwear sector should seek to adopt materials innovations from allied sectors. The aim of this working group is provide suitable materials for use within end-user products in addition to within research and development in the footcare and footwear sector.

Working Group Members

Mr. Ángel Camp Fauli

Angel Camp Fauli is the Director of a Diabetic Foot Clinic and Biomechanic and he is working for many years in diabetic foot diseases. He is Master in Nursing and Podiatrics by the University of Valencia. Author of several scientific papers related to Diabetic Foot and its treatment. He has been researcher and coordinator of several European R&D projects about Diabetic Foot, such as DIAFOOT (ehealth systems from the European Union. IST-2001-33281) and ERGOSHOE (IPS-2000–Innovation & SMES. Combined RTD and Demonstration Projects. Contract IPS-2001-42106) projects. SMARTPIF FP7-SME-2012-1 Proposal: 312573 "Smart tools for the Prescription of orthopaedic Insoles and Footwear"

Mr. Marco Mandolini
 Mandolini 2

 Marco Mandolini is research fellow at the Department of Industrial Engineering and Mathematical Sciences (Università Politecanica delle Marche). He has a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering on 2007 and PhD in Mechanical Engineering and Management on 2011 from the same University. His research topics regard footwear and environmental sustainability. He participated in several FP7 research projects (SSHOES, SMARTIF, GENESI, etc.), working and coordinating the research activities. The main competences are related to the methods and tools to support the product design, applied to footwear and mechatronic sectors. In particular, he is expert of CAD, PLM, CAE, LCA and tool to support the Design for Manufacturing, Assembly, Disassembly, End of Life. During the last years he worked on eco-design methodologies and tools. He is author of about 40 international scientific publications covering the previous topics.

Dr. Francisca Arán Ais 
 PAQUI Francisca Arán has a PhD in Materials Science. She is responsible for the laboratory of microencapsulation at INESCOP. Her current research fields focus on microencapsulation of active substances for foot care and improvement of footwear comfort. She also has expertise in polymeric materials and adhesives for footwear sector and is extensively involved in National and European projects as coordinator.

Ing. Amira Barkaoui


Amira Berkaoui undertook an Industrial chemist degree (2009). She works in CNCC since 2010 in the advice and assistance department and is also a quality auditor in ISO 9001. She is a consultant in several activities such as Implementation in the Support Program of Competitiveness and Access to Markets (PCAM), assistance in quality management systems and industrial organization. She is a member of many national and international cooperation and projects.

Ing. Ahlem Irmani
 person icon Ing Ahlem Irmani holds an Engineer degree in leather from the French Tannery School, Lyon, France (1987). She has worked in the laboratory of the National Center of leather and shoe since September 1987 and she has been head of the physical-chemical and adhesives laboratory since 2000.
 Ms. Nezha Wakkak
NEZHA  Ms. Nezha Wakkak is an application engineer in chemistry at Hassan 2 university. She has seven years’ experience as laboratory responsible of physical-mechanical testing, where she manages and control physical-mechanical testing in leather, textile and adhesives. Ms. Wakkak had a range of different internship experiences in the footwear industry, such as areas of laboratory technique and adhesives performance.

 Mr. Mauro Tescaro

 person icon Mauro Tescaro graduated in Engineering at the University of Padua. He is Director of Politecnico Calzaturiero and is responsible for many regional and international projects and technology transfer projects for the footwear and leather industry in the field of CAD/CAM, materials, information technologies, environment, production, etc.
Mr. Luca Benvenuti
 person icon Luca Benvenuti has worked for Luis Vuitton and Prada in the area of footwear design and production. He has a long experience in materials and technologies for production, in product design and development