WG 2 - Towards reduced foot infection

Foot infections are common and problematic in skin and nails. Footwear factors (e.g. temperature, humidity, mechanical irritation, chemicals) are strongly associated with favourable microbial growth and therefore can increase the risk of foot infections. The aim of this working group is to help reduce infection and hygiene issues in the SOHealthy project populations through the advancement of microbiology, nano/micro-encapsulation and adhesives for inclusion in footwear and footcare products.

Working Group Members

Dr. Farina Hashmi
  Dr. Farina Hashmi is a Lecturer in Podiatry and leads the Skin Biomechanics research group at the University of Salford. Farina holds a PhD in Biochemistry, with research publications on podiatry, dermatology and skin biomechanics. She works in collaboration with industrial partners on novel outcome measures for the assessment and treatments of common foot skin pathologies.
Ms. Hind Benziane 
Hind Benziane  Ms. Hind Benzaniane. President of the Moroccan National Association of Podiatrists. She obtained a European pedicure podiatry diploma from Brussels in 2002. She has twelve years’ experience as podiatrist. She is President of the Moroccan National Association of Podiatrists, a Member of Moroccan Federation of Diabetes and has been a temporary podiatrist at Mohamed 6 Football Academy since 2009
Ms. Nezha Wakkak
 NEZHA Ms. Nezha Wakkak is an application engineer in chemistry at Hassan 2 university. She has seven years’ experience as laboratory responsible of physical-mechanical testing, where she manages and control physical-mechanical testing in leather, textile and adhesives. Ms. Wakkak had a range of different internship experiences in the footwear industry, such as areas of laboratory technique and adhesives performance.

Mr. Ángel Camp Fauli 
 angelcamp2 Angel Camp Fauli, former director and founder of the Unidad del Pie Diabético. He is working for many years in diabetic foot diseases. He is Master in Nursing and Podiatrics by the University of Valencia. Author of several scientific papers related to Diabetic Foot and its treatment. He has been researcher and coordinator of several European R&D projects about Diabetic Foot, such as DIAFOOT (ehealth systems from the European Union. IST-2001-33281) and ERGOSHOE (IPS-2000–Innovation & SMES. Combined RTD and Demonstration Projects. Contract IPS-2001-42106) projects "Smart tools for the Prescription of orthopaedic Insoles and Footwear"
Dr. Jaap Van Netten
 Jaap van Netten Jaap van Netten studied human movement sciences at the University of Groningen (The Netherlands). Two years after his graduation, he obtained his PhD in the field of rehabilitation medicine (University  Medical Center Groningen, NL), studying people's use of custom-made orthopaedic shoes. He continued working as postdoc researcher in ZGT [Hospital Group Twente], Almelo and Hengelo, NL, joining the diabetic foot team. His first project concerned the development of an intelligent home monitoring system for detection and prevention of diabetic foot problems. He is currently working as the research coordinator, supervising projects in the three research lines of the diabetic foot team: vascular surgery, offloading and advanced imaging. Van Netten is also secretary of the Prevention Working Group of the International Working Group on the Diabetic Foot. This group is currently writing the international guidelines on prevention of diabetic foot problems, which will be presented during the world conference May 2015.
Mr. Salaheddine Kaba
 Salaheddine  Mr. Salaheddine Kaba is an engineer's degree in chemical engineering and processes. He graduated in technical analysis and quality control at the science and techniques university of Mohammadia. Mr. Kaba works as laboratory responsible at CMTC, ensuring the continuous improvement of laboratory's quality management system, and he is in charge of chemical analysis in leather and textile.
Dr. Marcelo Bertazzo 
 person icon  Marcelo Bertazzo completed his PhD degree in Biology on the cultivation of unusual actinomycetes and isolation of novel bioactive metabolites at Tübingen University (Germany). At the same University, he conducted postdoctoral research in the characterisation of glycopeptide antibiotics by means ESI-MS. Since 2008 he has been working at the Biotechnology Departament in INESCOP (Footwear Technological Institute). His current activity is mainly focused on projects aimed to apply biology and biotechnology-based techniques to the study and solution of problems that affect the footwear industry.

 Ms. Catherine Dziri


Ms. Catherine Dziri is head of department of physical medicine - functional rehabilitation at the National Orthopaedic Institute M.Kassab.