WG 1 - Towards more efficient provision

The Provision of footwear can be too slow, too iterative, is rarely “right first time” and is therefore expensive. Thus, this working group has been created with the aim of improving and developing efficient (for both time and cost) design and manufacturing processes for the provision of footcare and footwear products to the consumers and wearers defined in the SoHealthy project.

Working Group Members

Dr. Enrique Montiel
  Dr. Enrique Montiel was graduated in Chemical Engineering at the University of Valencia in 1987 and obtained a master degree in Materials Engineering. At present, he is Assistant Director of the Spanish Footwear Technology Institute and he is Professor in the Materials Science Department at the University Miguel Hernandez in Elche. He works since 1991 at INESCOP as Assistant Director participating as promoter and coordinator of projects about technology development, innovation management, technology transfer and quality, for the footwear sector at a national and international level. Responsible for many national and international RTD and technology transfer projects for the footwear and leather industry in the field of CAD/CAM, materials, information technologies, environment, production, etc. He is also evaluator of European Projects for the European Commission.
Mr. Vasco Figueiredo Teles 
   Vasco Figueiredo Teles (Porto, Portugal, 1977) has a background in Electrical Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering - University of Porto (FEUP) and for the past years has been working and researching on the theme of Strategy for Technological Innovation at INESC TEC and PRODUTECH - the Portuguese Cluster of Production Technologies. Currently he is also managing the EXPLORE FP7 project, which has the goal to identify production technologies from R&D projects and support their path towards the market. Previously, he has also participated in several projects of roadmapping for technological R&D and innovation at European and national levels for diverse manufacturing sectors. He is presently conducting his Ph.D. in the above referred theme at the MIT Portugal Program (area of Engineering Design and Advanced Manufacturing) and he has also participated in the Factories of the Future multiannual roadmap
Mr. Wladi Rigato
   Graduated in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Padova (Italy) in space robotics he continued, during a fellowship at the same university, the activities of designing and testing of mechanical components subjected to microgravity and extreme environment conditions. He started working in Saipem S.p.A. In 2005 as subsea engineer where he had the opportunity of developing strong technical skills being responsible for outsourced design / analysis activities and then for testing of special tools for marine heavy lifting operations. In 2006, he started working at Consorzio RFX, in PADOVA, where he was involved in the design and R&D activities for the development of the neutral beam injector for the nuclear fusion reactor ITER. There, he improved knowledge of international standards as EN, ASME, RCC-MR and the knowledge of software as CATIA V5 for 3D CAD design and ANSYS (classic and Workbench) for linear and non-linear FEM analysis. In 2014 he has started working in the family business (orthopaedic shoe factory) with the goal of transforming the challenges of the orthopaedic shoes market in bussiness opportunities.

Dr. Miguel Davia 

 Miguel Davia Dr. Miguel Davia Aracil received his PhD in Computer Science from the University of Alicante in May 2011. He has been working for INESCOP since 2005 where he carries out activities related to the development of specific 3D software applications for footwear design and has participated in several research projects for the footwear sector. With regards to this field of research, he has published several articles in prestigious scientific and technical journals such as: The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Journal of Engineering Manufacture, Computer Aided Design and Applications, etc. He is a member of the technical committee ISO / TC 137 (Footwear sizing designations and marking systems) representing INESCOP (AENOR, Spain). He is also an Associate Professor at the University of Alicante where he teaches Computer Architecture and Engineering (4th year) for the degree in Computer Engineering, and Computer Modelling and Animation (2nd year) for the degree in Multimedia Engineering.
Mr. Elyès Kortas
 person icon  Mr. Elyès Kortas holds a Master Degree in soft materials industry applied to shoes manufacturing in 1994- Technical School of Romans- France. He is an expert in training and assistance for the footwear and related industries, working at both national and international level.
 Mr. Adil El Azhar
 person icon  Mr. Adil El Azhar received a diploma in Micro-computer and company’s telecommunication from Specialised Institute of applied Technology. He has twelve years’ experience as a technical manager. Mr. Elazhar is responsible for technology projects for the footwear and leather industry in the areas of CAD/CAM and information technology.

 Mr. José Doñate Alfaro

   Mr. José Doñate Alfaro. Degree in Materials Engineering and Industrial Technical Engineer from the Polytechnic University of Valencia. Previously, he was the Head of INESCOP’s Engineering Department. He is also a professor of Projects and Technology in the University Miguel Hernández. He has twenty-year experience in project management and design of machines for footwear, mainly CNC machines, 3D scanners and robotics .
   Ing. Carlo Crosato