Summary and objectives

SOHEALTHY - "Mediterranean Research Network on Footcare Sector" is a research project financed by the European Commission under the “Reinforcing cooperation with European Neighbourhood Policy countries on bridging the gap between research and innovation” theme of 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development.

The main objective of this initiative is to enhance cooperation between European and Mediterranean countries in the creation of a footcare sector network. This community will focus on the determination of foot problems associated mainly to diabetes, obesity and ageing in order to determine footwear solutions aligned to these problems and to the mechanical issues that cause them.

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More in detail SOHEALTHY’s aim consists in:

  • Providing a framework to define research and development priorities, timeframes and action plans on a number of strategically important issues.
  • Transferring the main advances achieved by the footcare sector in the European and Mediterranean countries.

  • Informing about the most significant barriers, both technical and scientific, to be considered when assessing the importance of designing specific support lines for the progress of the industry.

  • Getting better knowledge about the technological level and needs of each participating country and the possibilities of improvement.

  • Developing a Strategic Research Agenda focused on each target and containing a R&D roadmap of the footcare sector in each participating country.

  • Devising an action plan for the effective execution of the Strategic Research Agenda and specific actions addressed to the industry in each participating country.