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INESCOP has been working to offer scientific and technical services to the footwear and related industries since it was founded in 1971. The institute is a non-profit organisation, registered as a Centre for Technology and Innovation, which is comprised of more than 500 member companies and lends its services to more than 1000 clients a year.

A world leader in areas such as quality control, research on adhesives and the development of computer aided design systems for footwear and footwear components, INESCOP is one of the most important Centres worldwide regarding expertise in the domain of footwear and its components.

Innovation is heavily rooted in what INESCOP works with, ranging from the conception of new products and the way they are designed, to the development of new materials or performance improvement, whilst not failing to mention the work done towards advanced production technologies, as well as management technologies and development of client relations. Likewise, environmental issues feature high up on the agenda, together with the health and safety, and training of personnel.

The participation of companies with INESCOP in projects of a diverse nature plays an important role in the procurement of important funds for the general use of the sector and, in particular, for the companies involved. For example, in 2011, companies that took part in various INESCOP endorsed projects, qualified for almost €7 million from the European Commission for the funding of their innovative activities, and on top of that, another further total exceeding €15 million represents other funds received for regional and national projects. INESCOP is the private organisation which boasts the most economic returns earned from European R&D programmes in the whole of the Valencian Region.

Support to member companies is guaranteed via the infrastructure and range of equipment INESCOP has at its disposal, and, above all, because of a 140-strong workforce, 65% of which have University qualifications, 17 of whom hold PhD degrees in sciences and engineering.


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