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On 6th June 2008, under the legal name Clúster Calzado Innovación (Footwear Innovation Cluster) this non-profit association was incorporated in Elda under the Organic Law 1/2002 of 22nd March relative to the right of association and its relevant rules and the Statutes specially elaborated.

The Statutes were signed by INESCOP, FICE and C2i2-EIG, thus these were the founding members of Clúster Calzado Innovación.

Its main aim is to undertake the promotion and management of an innovative footwear cluster in the Vinalopó geographical area in Spain, relying on the necessary companies’ support.

The Association will carry out its activity using the means and contributions of the various agents that make up the footwear innovation system, as well as collaborating with other organisations, institutes and companies.

The Association is formed as a coordinating instrument between the companies, technological, public and training agents and other groups linked with the business footwear innovation system to promote cooperation.

Its territorial scope of performance basically includes the Region of Valencia although its activities can take place nationally and abroad.

Its scope of sectoral performance includes footwear and footwear components innovation.

The Association’s strategy goes in line with three axes or strategic objectives:

  • Innovation is headed towards the optimisation of the design and conception of products, materials and production processes.

  • To achieve an improvement in the management of the IBG companies to face the challenges which are met by footwear and components companies.

  • To increase the commercial presence abroad of the IBG companies through diverse internationalisation actions.


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