Centre National du Cuir et de la Chaussure

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The National Centre of Leather and Shoes (CNCC) is an institution of public economic interest established by law 69/9 of 24 January 1969 under the auspices of the Ministry of Industry and Technology. Its activities cover all the branches of the leather industries, such as raw hides, leather tanning, shoes, leather goods and garments, and related industries.

The main goal of CNCC is to provide advice, technical assistance and training to the industrial and traditional leather firms in terms of creativity, quality, industrial organisation, productivity, environment, industrial promotion, supervision... in order to enhance their competitiveness.

CNCC focuses also on research and innovation activities in the fields of environment, footcare, manufacturing processes, fashion…

The institution employs seventy people, among whom are about fifty experts and qualified technicians who are constantly attentive to the sector needs. The centre also boasts complete technical infrastructure which is updated with new technologies according to companies' demands:

  • Software for 3D design and last scanner
  • A pilot station for shoe stitching
  • 2 stations for the  design of lasts and heels
  • CAD Stations for shoes
  • 3D foot digitiser (foot scanner)
  • Comfort measuring and analysis system
  • CAD  Station for leather clothing
  • 3 (accredited) laboratory units for mechanical, chemical and environmental tests and analyses on leather products and  tannery wastewater
  • Calibration Laboratory (accredited)
  • A tannery station for testing and research
  • Station for recycling chromium wastewater
  • 2 Pilot wastewater treatment plants (biological and chemical-physical treatments)
  • Fashion area for the leather sector
  • Centre of documentation and information.


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