Centre Marocain des Techniques du Cuir

CMTC is an industrial technical centre set up on the initiative of the professionals of the leather sector with the support of the public authorities of Morocco. Located in Casablanca, CMTC is equipped with technology platforms, laboratories and technical rooms and uses cutting-edge technologies to ensure high quality services.

CMTC’S objective is to support the growth and development of the industrial sector. Specifically the task assigned to the CMTC is to provide the required expertise to the whole of the leather, footwear industries by carrying out advice, applied research and technical assistance activities related to product quality, innovation, production, environment, health and safety, and experimentation.

CMTC operates mainly in the leather and footwear sector through the following areas:

  • Applied Research for development and Innovation
  • Quality assurance & advice, technical assistance, and training:
    • Leather
    • Footwear
    • Leather goods
    • Textiles
    • Environment, wastewater
  • Computer-aided Design (2D&3D CAD )
  • Audits & Inspection
  • General Interest activities

The general interest activities are within CMTC non-market services. These activities allow first to share ideas and thoughts, and also to bring together companies and institutions around the topics of improvement or innovation. The goal is to identify needs, plan and conduct studies that provide appropriate solutions to the challenges. CMTC deploys these activities around the following fields:

  • Company's performance: Production diagnosis, process and technology assessment.
  • Business Intelligence
  • Standardisation activities

Promotion of the leather and footwear sector.

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