Giovanni Menaldo



Mr. Giovanni Menaldo graduated in Engineering at Padua University. He’s a lab technician at Politecnico Calzaturiero. He’s the responsible of Quality Control Lab and Rapid Prototyping Lab, where services are done for companies of the shoe District of Riviera del Brenta. He has collaborated in many regional, national ad European projects regarding automation, Cad/Cam technologies, cloud software and new materials to be introduced in shoe sector (glues, solvents, nanomaterials, etc.). He’s also the quality assurance manager ISO 9001 at Politecnico Calzaturiero. He’s a teacher at Politecnico Calzaturiero.

Leopoldo Meggiorini



Mr. Leopoldo Meggiorini is the Administrative Manager at Politecnico Calzaturiero. He works in a lot of projects and is involved in business planning activities, budgets, forecasts and balance sheets. He oversees all aspects of financial control in business. He’s expert in analyzing existing operations and implementing effective systems, strategies, and processes to improve organizational performance and profitability. He has followed the financial management of many training and research projects.


Ing. Mauro Tescaro



Ing. Mauro Tescaro is the Technical Director at Politecnico Calzaturiero. He has been responsible in many research projects in footwear sector, regarding automation, robotics and CAD/CAM technologies. He is the director of the School of Patternmakers at Politecnico Calzaturiero and he has been the secretary of Consorzio Italiano Formifici, an association of last factories. Furthermore, He has a lot of experience in training and educational programs linked to footwear sector.