SOHEALTHY partners

The consortium is comprised of six partners: three RTD performers (INESCOP, CNCC, CMTC), one university (USAL), one non-University Higher Education Centre (POLICALZ) and one industrial association (CCI) from five different countries (3 EU and 2 non-EU). Following the definition of the current context of the identified problems (diabetics, elderly, obese children), the consortium partners defined the work programme to achieve the project target objectives.

Project partners have previous experience in EU projects and training within the framework of cooperation programmes and education schemes. The RTD performers group is comprised of a well balanced team, created based on their potential contribution to the project objectives, and considering the main individual areas or expertise. In addition, the academia partners are acknowledged as prestigious training facilities, and the industrial association provides the “industry” point of view and guidance within the consortium.

General information on the activities developed by the partners can be found at their websites.