Victoria Barrantes



Ms. Victoria Barrantes is the technical coordinator of the SoHealthy project. She graduated in Biology, master in business administration (MBA) and master in Human Nutrition and Dietetics. She works since 2007 at INESCOP as project manager, participating and managing many R&D projects at a regional, national and European level within the footwear sector. She also belongs to the INESCOP’S technology transfer unit advising footwear companies about possible funding opportunities for their R&D projects and carrying out technology diagnosis and providing technology assistance.

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Olivia Estrella



Ms. Olivia Estrella-Lopez graduated in Economics from the University of Alicante with a Special Recognition Award, received a Master degree in Economic Analysis from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, and a University Expert degree in survey design and processing for market research and opinion analysis from the UNED (National University of Distance Education). Currently, she is working in INESCOP as the responsible for the Competitive Intelligence and Market Observatory project for the shoe sector carried out by INESCOP since 2005 and participates in other R&D projects at a regional, national and European level. From 2000 to 2004 she worked as a lecturer in the Economics and Economic History Department at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

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Dr. Enrique Montiel



Dr. Enrique Montiel, holds a PhD in Materials Eng., was graduated in Chemical Engineering at the University of Valencia in 1987 and obtained a master degree in Materials Engineering. At present, he is Assistant Director of the Spanish Footwear Technology Institute and he is Professor in the Materials Science Department at the University Miguel Hernandez in Elche. He works since 1991 at INESCOP as Assistant Director participating as promoter and coordinator of projects about technology development, innovation management, technology transfer and quality, for the footwear sector at a national and international level. Responsible for many national and international RTD and technology transfer projects for the footwear and leather industry in the field of CAD/CAM, materials, information technologies, environment, production, etc. He is evaluator of European Projects for the European Commission and responsible (design and start-up) for the creation of a Footwear and Leather Technology Centre in Peru, coordinator of the cooperation with Chile, Argentina, Peru, Mexico, Brazil, Tunisia Egypt and Turkey. Main responsible for the cooperation programme with Tunisia and Morocco.

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